Addison man cited for harassing workers of Migrant Justice

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ADDISON — An Addison man has been cited in connection with reported harassment of workers of the Migrant Justice organization.

Police say Chase Atkins has been cited with disturbing the peace by telephone, with a “hate-crime enhancement,” or 13 VSA 1455.

Police say Atkins was visiting a farm on Vermont Route 22A in the town of Addison.

During his time on the farm, police allege Atkins let the air out of the tires of a vehicle belonging to an employee of Migrant Justice.

The tires were later re-inflated, and no damage was caused.

Several days later, police say Atkins left a voicemail for Migrant Justice where “he asked them not to return to farms in a message that would have left a reasonable person to feel threatened and intimidated,” police say.

On September 12, while the investigation was open and active, police say Atkins spoke to them about these incidents and was issued a criminal citation to appear in court in November.

The investigation continued, and state police say they worked closely with the Addison County State’s Attorney’s Office, which decided to pursue misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace by telephone, with a hate-crime enhancement.