Cornwall based company to produce bike frame designed for disabled athletes with balance, mobility issues

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CORNWALL — RAD-Innovations, a bike maker based in Cornwall, recently announced the introduction and availability of the RaceRunner running frame.

The RaceRunner running frame is designed for use by individuals challenged with balance, range of motion and mobility resulting from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, stroke, or amputation, for example.

Athletes use running frames to compete in the sport of RaceRunning which is an internationally recognized disability sport.

While RaceRunning is established in Europe and gaining interest in other parts of the world, its popularity has been slow to grow in North America.

The RaceRunner running frame is made of aluminum and similar to a tricycle without pedals that supports the athlete as they move.

Despite significant physical challenges, most athletes can propel themselves on the RaceRunner running frame considerably faster than they can move unassisted.

The low center of gravity and frame design offers stability and poise while running or walking. The saddle unit counteracts lateral sway and can also be used as a seat when at rest.

The RaceRunner running frame rolls so freely that even someone who is restricted to a wheelchair can propel themselves by their own efforts.

“RAD-Innovations is interested in RaceRunning because we see the RaceRunner running frame as one of the most affordable products that can make a difference in people’s lives,” said David Black, co-owner, RAD-Innovations LLC.

“We’ve been providing products to the mobility market since 1999 and with that know-how we have the ability and sourcing to significantly improve the design, quality, cost and deliverability over similar products, as well as the experience to support and train organizations in developing local programs.”

RAD-Innovations will establish a club in Middlebury.

Efforts in other countries have demonstrated that the growth of RaceRunning starts at the grassroots level with the development of local clubs.

Local athletes can try the sport in a low-key, supportive environment, and as a network of clubs expands, competitive opportunities will become available.

Two of RAD-Innovations’ employees have been certified by CPIRSA as RaceRunning coaches.
Recently, Kate McKay from Cornwall, Vermont who has cerebral palsy, tried out the RaceRunner running frame.

“She caught right on to it and put a grin on her face,” her father David McKay, said. “Independence is important to her, and while physical therapy is very regimented, the RaceRunning frame allows Kate to use her body in different ways. One of the best aspects is that it allows Kate to explore using her body for herself. It makes her feel happy.”

The RaceRunner running frame from RAD-Innovations LLC will be assembled in Cornwall and available to the North American market in late 2019.

Frames will be available for international distribution as well.