Monkton man arrested on weapons charges

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MONKTON — A Monkton man was arrested yesterday on firearms violation charges.

Kory Lee George, age 31, of Monkton, was arrested yesterday on firearms violation charges and appeared in court today.

He was ordered detained pending a bail hearing on September 6, 2019.

The federal Criminal Complaint filed today charges George with possession of two firearms, a semi-automatic pistol and a shotgun, after being convicted in Vermont courts of felony offenses.

An affidavit submitted alleges that both firearms were stolen.

The pistol, a 9mm Berretta, allegedly was stolen the night before David Auclair was shot to death in Hinesburg on July 11, 2019.

Police say they recovered the Berretta from a creek a few days after Auclair’s death.

The Vermont Forensic Laboratory has since determined that the Berretta fired 9mm bullets recovered from Auclair’s body.

The shotgun was allegedly stolen last spring from a camp in upstate New York, and was found in George’s residence during the Vermont State Police’s homicide investigation.