Three Bridport men cited for multiple charges

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BRIDPORT — Police say they have been responding to several suspicious incidents and vandalisms in the Bridport area during the last month.

They say most of the incidents have occurred late at night or in the early morning hours and occurred at property and residences near farms and farm fields.

Police say they identified Christopher Thompson, 26, Christian Leggett, 19, and Bryan Ashley-Selleck, 26, all of Bridport, as the suspects involved based on several leads and video evidence.

According to the report, the suspects have been cited on suspicion of multiple charges which include 3rd-degree arson, aggravated stalking, false information to police, petit larceny, noise in the nighttime, and unlawful mischief.

They are due to be arraigned in court on October 7.

Police allege that Ashley-Selleck, Leggett, and Thompson committed multiple acts of vandalism, such as damaging property, and other offenses, including at one point firing a weapon as part of a feud between local farm families that began as a dispute over access to a fishing area.

Investigators say they have consulted regularly with the Addison County State’s Attorney’s Office throughout the case and continue to do so.

Police say the investigation is ongoing into this matter, along with at least one separate incident of harassment at another farm in Addison County.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact police at 802-388-4919.