Middlebury police recruit injured after gun discharges at Police Academy

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MIDDLEBURY — A police officer recruit for the Middlebury Police Department walked away with a very minor injury when his firearm discharged during a training scenario at the Vermont Police Academy on Tuesday.

Authorities say recruits from the police academy in Pittsford were involved in a low light, firearms training which was supervised by certified firearms instructors.

During the training scenario, 23-year-old Daniel Ailinger’s firearm accidentally discharged while removing it from his holster.

Training staff from the Vermont Police Academy immediately evaluated Ailinger and discovered that he had sustained a non-life threatening abrasion to his leg.

Ailinger was transported to the Rutland Regional Medical Center, where he received medical attention.

He was subsequently released and returned to the Vermont Police Academy.

Ailinger is a trainee for the Middlebury Police Department and is a member of the 108th Basic Training Class for Police Professionals.