Burlington police officer who lives in Brookfield cited for suspicion of trespass into an occupied dwelling

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SWANTON — A 33-year-old police officer from Brookfield was cited for suspicion of trespass into an occupied dwelling following an investigation that started back in July.

On July 7, William J. Drinkwine is alleged to have unlawfully entered the Swanton home of a woman with whom he was previously involved in a relationship.

Drinkwine is a police officer with the Burlington Police Department.

Police say he was off duty at the time.

The woman told Drinkwine he was not allowed in the home and informed him that he should leave.

After Drinkwine left, the woman reported the incident to the Swanton Village Police Department, which referred the complaint to the Vermont State Police.

Police say the case was assigned to the Westminster barracks to ensure the investigation was conducted by a detective from outside the area where Drinkwine works.

The Swanton Village Police Department assisted in the investigation.

Drinkwine was cited on Friday in connection with the incident and ordered to report to the Royalton barracks for fingerprints and photographs.

He is due in court on November 2 to answer the charge.

Police say Drinkwine has been placed on leave from the Burlington Police Department.