Man injured, 2 dogs killed after early morning fire in Orange

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ORANGE — Emergency workers were alerted to a fire that broke out early this morning in Orange that injured a man, and killed two dogs.

The incident took place on Smith Road at around 12:40 a.m.

Fire crews say they observed two campers that were parked next to each other, fully engulfed in flames when they arrived.

One occupant, Shawn Waldie, 38, was transported to Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin with burns to his head, shoulders, ears, neck, and wrist, along with smoke inhalation.

Jennifer Grout, 37, and Scott Irish, 38, were not inside the campers at the time the fire began.

Nobody else was injured in the blaze, but two dogs perished inside one of the campers.

Fire investigators confirmed the woodstove was what caused the fire.

Investigators say the cause of the fire was due to the metal stove pipe being full of creosote, the aluminum siding on campers not being made for metal stovepipes, and smoke alarms not functioning properly.

Waldie stated he fell asleep on the couch in one of the campers after getting the woodstove going to take the chill off.

He woke up after not being able to breathe from all of the smoke inside the camper and fire burning at the top of the metal stove pipe.

He was able to escape from the camper and have the landowner, Betty Dow, call 911.

Both campers and all of their contents are considered a total loss and neither of them were insured.

Police say Shawn Waldie is still at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin being evaluated for his injuries.