Newbury man arrested for eluding police with a toddler in the vehicle

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TOPSHAM — A 20-year-old Newbury man was arrested for multiple charges including eluding a police officer on Thompson Road yesterday afternoon, with a baby in the car. 

Police say they attempted to conduct a traffic stop in Topsham at around 1:32 p.m. 

The driver was identified as Nicholas Duprey, who police say failed to yield to law enforcement, resulting in a pursuit.

According to the police report, the vehicle headed down Bowen Road in Newbury, reaching speeds in excess of 85 miles-per-hour on a dirt road where the speed limit is 50 miles-per-hour.

The pursuit was ultimately terminated, where police say they intercepted the vehicle pulling into his residence on Swamp Road.

Police arrested Duprey and it was found during the pursuit, a 21-month-old toddler was a passenger in his vehicle.

Police say Duprey was cited to appear in Orange County Court on September 25.

He was also issued numerous Vermont Civil Violation Complaints, resulting in fines of over $1,200.