Off-duty Orange County sheriff’s deputy charged with shooting at vehicle during road rage incident

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WILLIAMSTOWN — An Orange County sheriff’s deputy is accused of firing two shots into a fleeing vehicle during a road rage incident in Williamstown. 

On Tuesday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations to request assistance with an incident that involved an off-duty sheriff’s deputy within their department.

Police say Nathan Lyonnais, 37, of Barton, and Kevin Goodale 41, of Brookfield, reported that they were involved in a motor vehicle incident on Stone Road and the Junction of Route 64 in the town of Williamstown. 

Lyonnais and Goodale reported having been traveling on Stone Road Monday evening at about 7:45 p.m. when an incident occurred that resulted in them being tailgated by a gray Nissan Titan pick-up truck.

The truck was later determined to be driven by William Pine, 49, of Brookfield. 

Lyonnais and Goodale reported the vehicle followed them at a close distance until the Junction of Route 64 and Stone Road. 

They stopped at the intersection at which time the Nissan Titan pulled around to the front of their vehicle at a 45-degree angle, blocking them in.

They attempted to flee from the location on Route 64 toward the interstate, when they reported hearing two gunshots. 

The rear window blew out in their Jeep after the first shot was fired. 

A second shot was fired and subsequently struck the rear bumper of the Jeep.

State Police conducted an investigation and say they issued William Pine a citation to appear in court to answer to two counts of attempted aggravated assault.

Pine was off-duty at the time of the incident and is currently employed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.