61-year-old Brandon man facing drug, gun charges

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BRANDON — A 61-year-old Brandon man is facing a slew of charges following an arrest on Friday. 

Harold Mahoney pleaded not guilty in court to four misdemeanor counts of selling cocaine, one felony count of possession of cocaine, one count of narcotics possession, and four counts of firearm possession after being convicted of a violent crime

Police say a confidential informant told them that Mahoney was selling drugs at a location on Conway Terrace.

The informant allegedly made a purchase of cocaine at his home on Oct. 23.

Mahoney, who was forbidden from possessing firearms based on four Vermont convictions for violating orders for abuse prevention, was found with a .22 long rifle, as well as other firearms. 

Police also say they found 14 grams of suspected crack cocaine, just over 6 grams of crack cocaine, as well as 12 Buprenorphine pills.

Mahoney could be sentenced to up to 34 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

He was released on $2,000 bail.