Castleton man facing charges after allegedly crawling into student’s University dorm bed

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CASTLETON — A man is facing up to three years in prison following a bizarre incident that took place at Haskell Hall at Castleton University on Sunday.

Daniel Jokinen, 21, of Castleton, who is not currently a student at the university, is accused of getting into the bed of a female student.

Police say they were originally notified of the incident when a university security officer informed them that an individual, identified as Jokinen, was seen walking around in only his boxer shorts. 

According to court records, Jokinen already has an order not to be at the school.

A female student provided a written statement to the police after she and her parents came to the police station later that morning, to report the incident. 

She told police that the incident started at around 6:00 a.m. while she was sleeping in bed. 

“I woke up to this kid crawling on top of me,” she wrote. “Out of fear, I shoved and kicked him off of me.”

She goes on to say that while yelling at him to leave, he sat up and said “no.”

The student went to get a friend to help get Jokinen to leave but when she returned he was gone. 

Later, when they returned to the room with another friend, Jokinen was seen back in her bed, this time with his pants off in his boxer shorts. 

“And he wasn’t just sitting in my bed, he was laying down like it was his,” the student wrote in the statement issued to police. 

The student’s friends managed to get Jokinen to leave, but according to the police statement, had been concerned for their safety at the time.  

When Castleton Police caught up with Jokinen at around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, he told them that he could not remember being in the dorm or the incident with the student.

He was in court on Monday, where he pled not guilty to a felony charge of unlawful trespass into an occupied home.