Cigarette container the cause of Rutland house fire

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RUTLAND — Police say they are investigating a fire that broke out on Lincoln Avenue in Rutland on Sunday.

Robert Withington, a nearby neighbor, told police that he saw the exterior of the house on fire.

He alerted the occupants about the fire at around 4:00 a.m.

Rutland City firefighters arrived on scene within a few minutes and began fighting the blaze.

They were able to keep the fire from spreading to the interior of the home.

Rutland City Detective Emilio Rosario, Det. Sgt. Todd Ambroz and ASFM Chris Boyd opened an origin and cause investigation.

According to neighbors the occupants of the home had been lighting fireworks off until a little after midnight, and this was thought to be the cause of the fire.

They had also used a gas grill which was located close to the home.

Investigators say the fire began near a backdoor of the house where a container for used cigarette butts was located.

Once the fire in the can grow it caused the exterior siding of the house and steps to ignite and then quickly spread upwards and outwards to other combustible materials including a car and truck in the driveway, and a two-story detached garage.

Police say this fire is considered accidental and was caused by improper disposal of smoking materials.

Nobody was injured or died in the blaze, but two cars and the garage are a total loss.

The house sustained extensive damage to the exterior on the backside.