Killington Mountain School debuts downhill mountain bike program

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KILLINGTON — This fall, Killington Mountain School in Killington debuted a new downhill mountain bike program.

“We are the first to offer a full-time, competitive middle- and high-school level downhill mountain bike program at the academy and club development levels,” explained Head of School Tao Smith.

The new program has a dedicated downhill coach and student-athletes will compete on race circuits as a downhill mountain bike team.

“This program will raise the profile of KMS as a leader in downhill mountain biking and as a committed sports academy,” said Smith. “Being the first to offer such a program shows that we are the most committed to the sport.”

KMS trains at Killington Resort, the largest mountain resort in Eastern North America, located just one mile from the KMS campus.

After a five-year build-out with Gravity Logic, Killington is now the largest bike park in the east with 35 miles of downhill mountain biking trails and further expansions underway.

The resort offers a combination of flow, technical terrain, and jump trails, all of which make Killington an ideal location for KMS’s downhill mountain bike team.

While this program represents a new commitment to downhill mountain biking, the sport is not new to KMS.

Its students and alumni have become leaders of the growing sport, competing and winning at elite levels nationwide.

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