Rutland man to serve 6 months for firing gun at Center Street Alley

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RUTLAND — Darrel J. Felix, 31, of Rutland, is to serve six months in federal prison because he fired gun outside the Center Street Alley during a heated argument.

He was sentenced for a federal charge in possession of a handgun.

According to court records, at midnight on April 28, 2018, Felix was at the Center Street Alley when a man confronted him with a knife.

Police say Felix then pulled out his .22 caliber Smith & Wesson Walter semi-automatic pistol.

He fired the gun into the ground.

Felix returned to his home and a bouncer of Center Street Alley later came by and identified him as the one who fired the gun.

Police arrested Felix and charged him with reckless endangerment.

At the police station, Felix told police that he didn’t have a gun on April 28, 2018, because he wasn’t allowed to own one due to a conviction in Greene County, New York.

However, police later said that Felix admitted he had a gun and showed them where to find it.

In May, Felix plead guilty to the federal charge.

During the hearing, the Federal Public Defender asked for Felix to be sentenced to the time he had already served since his arrest.

The judge ruled that he is to serve six months and report to jail on October 22.

The next hearing of Felix’s pending Rutland Court for a misdemeanor charge is scheduled on October 14.