Rutland RPC to assist state in identifying local water quality projects

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RUTLAND — The Rutland Regional Planning Commission will assist the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation in the gathering and cataloging of information from regional municipalities in the Rutland Region between now and August 2020, in an effort to protect critical water quality initiatives in the region.

As part of the Vermont Clean Water Act’s goal of reducing phosphorus and other nutrients from the region’s waterways, the RRPC will help the state maintain the Watersheds Projects Database to update specific assessed projects.

This database includes all VT DEC water quality projects, road erosion inventories to support stormwater planning for municipal roads, river corridor studies, and Stormwater Master Plans.

RRPC, a quasi-governmental non-profit organization, will focus on potential projects within the Rutland Region section of the Otter Creek and the Lower Lake Champlain watersheds.

The project will be funded by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation through the federal Clean Water Act funds in order to encourage the coordinated development of the Rutland Region.