Health care and beverage industries in Vermont team up to reduce sugar intake

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NEWPORT — In a unique partnership between RiseVT, the lead primary prevention strategy for OneCare Vermont, and the Beverage Association of Vermont, the state association of non-alcoholic beverage distributors, local patrons in stores and restaurants are being encouraged to select low-and-no sugar beverage options from coolers with “Sweet Enough” signage.

Sweet Enough is a new behavior change marketing campaign launched by RiseVT this fall to encourage Vermonters to enjoy the sweet things in life, while being mindful of their beverage choices as a part of a balanced lifestyle.

Americans consume 3 – 6 times more added sugar than the maximum recommended amount by the American Heart Association and Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC).

The beverage industry says they are on board with promoting their low-and-no sugar options, as the industry believes it has a role to play in educating consumers and raising awareness about different beverage options that meet people’s unique lifestyle choices.

Their participation in the Sweet Enough campaign complements their commitment to reduce beverage calories consumed nationally per person by an additional 20 percent by 2025.

America’s leading beverage manufacturers, including The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Keurig Dr Pepper, have been working together to achieve this goal through their “Balance Calories Initiative.”

The latest independent analysis of this initiative shows progress toward the national goal of reducing the calories and sugar that Americans get from beverages.

“Our product offerings continue to expand as we keep pace with evolving consumer tastes and seek to help people reduce the sugar they consume from beverages,” said Matt McMahon of the Beverage Association of Vermont. “Over the past few years, there has been an increase in consumer demand for sugar-free drinks like seltzers – we have many more products in this segment than we did just ten years ago. We are happy to help support the work RiseVT is doing by promoting our seltzers, as well as waters, teas, milk and other similar beverages.”

The daily recommended maximum sugar consumption by the CDC for women and children is 6 teaspoons a day, or 25 grams, and 9 teaspoons max for men, or 37.5 grams.

Advertising for the Sweet Enough campaign shows scenes of Vermonters enjoying recreational activities and “home sweet home” moments with their families and friends, encouraging them to think of themselves, their lives, and their homes as “sweet enough”—and to consider ideas for swapping out sugar-sweetened beverages.

“Teaming up with the beverage industry on our campaign is a crucial partnership for us to make it easy for Vermonters to make the healthy choice when shopping for beverages,” remarks Marissa Parisi, Executive Director of RiseVT. “With our recognizable signage on coolers merchandised with seltzers, waters, unsweetened teas, and milk, consumers can feel confident they are skipping the sugar in their drink and making a good choice for their health.”

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