New baitfish regulations in 2020 to benefit Vermont anglers

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NEWPORT — Starting January 1, 2020, new baitfish regulations take effect that will give anglers more opportunities and flexibility to use baitfish.

Changes will include the ability to keep and use purchased baitfish for ten days instead of four, and the ability to take baitfish home and reuse them on multiple waters.

Anglers will also have the ability to once again trap and use wild baitfish.

There will also be the introduction of an “East-West Zone System” that will give anglers flexibility in where they can transport and use store-bought and personally-harvested baitfish.

Certain waters that have invasive species will be considered “black-list waters,” and will have additional restrictions.

Anglers who want to harvest their own wild baitfish will need to take and pass a quiz that educates them on aquatic invasive species spread prevention.

Officials say more details on the new regulations will be coming leading up to the new year.

You can check out the Vermont Fish & Wildlife “Baitfish Page,” at: for more details.