Vermont based filmmaker debuts documentary on Everyone Loves a Parade mural

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BURLINGTON — First-time documentary filmmaker Matt Kelly has debuted a feature length documentary film on the ‘Everyone Loves A Parade’ mural painted by Pierre Hardy.

The film can be viewed in its entirety below:

Over a year in the making and made possible by a grant from Burlington City Arts and the Vermont Community Foundation, “The Mural” traces the history of the downtown Burlington, artwork from its inception to the recent acts of vandalism and calls for its removal amid cries of racism and white supremacy.

Featuring figures at the heart of the controversy, the film explores the subjective nature of art, the history of art vandalism, VARA rights, public vs. private art, how a community heals after acts of violence and includes a strong focus on the benefits of Restorative Justice.

Ending with what should happen next to the mural, participants contextualize the controversy in their own words.

“There is unity and understanding with Restorative Justice, rather than denial and polarization,” said behavior expert Dr. Neil Marinello, in responding to the benefit Restorative Justice has to the community.

“Perhaps this has brought people together to have these conversations about community inclusion and art’s role in that,” Art Professor Ellery Foutch noted.

The new documentary has been receiving rave reviews.

“So well done and a fine snapshot of a defining issue for Burlington,” one reviewer stated.

The documentary is bringing this Burlington centered story outside the region.

“Not being from Burlington, I was not aware of this situation,” another reviewer writes. “Your film was quite thorough, and I have to add, quite non-judgmental.”