Vermont muzzleloader and second archery deer seasons, Dec. 7-15.

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VERMONT — During the muzzleloader deer season and the second part of the archery deer season, Vermont’s hunters will have one final chance for a deer this year from December 7-15.

A muzzleloader hunter may take one legal buck anywhere in the state.

In addition, a hunter who received a muzzleloader antlerless deer permit may take one antlerless deer in the Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) designated on the permit.

As long as they haven’t taken a legal buck in the earlier archery season, an archery hunter can take one anywhere in the state,

An archery hunter may take an antlerless deer anywhere in the state.

A legal buck is a deer with at least one antler having two or more points one inch or longer.

An antlerless deer is a deer without antlers or with no antler longer than three inches.

A deer with three-inch or longer spike antlers may not be taken during the archery, November rifle, or muzzleloader seasons.

In addition to a regular hunting license, a muzzleloader or archery license is required, except for non-residents who choose to buy only a limited archery license for the archery season.

Up to three deer can be taken in a calendar year by Vermont hunters with appropriate licenses and permits for each deer season including archery, youth weekend, November rifle, and December muzzleloader.

In the annual limit, only two of the three deer may be legal bucks, but only one legal buck can be taken in each season.