Marshfield man arrested after police chase

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EAST MONTPELIER — A 25-year-old Marshfield man was arrested after eluding police during a traffic stop.

Police say they attempted to stop a vehicle for a motor vehicle violation on US Route 2 in Barre Town on October 3.

Police initiated a 1.5-mile pursuit on Muddy Brook Road before being terminated due to safety concerns.

The vehicle was seen passing unsafely and traveling in excess of 70 miles-per-hour in posted 35 miles-per-hour zones, police say.

The vehicle was spotted by police again on US Route 2 just 15 minutes after terminating the pursuit.

The driver, identified as Andrew Pallas, was arrested.

Police say that Pallas fled because he did not possess a driving license.

“Pallas admitted that his actions that morning caused serious risk of harm to himself, passenger and to the public,” a statement issued by Trooper Isaac Merriam reads.