Suspect arrested for arson in Middlesex

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MIDDLESEX — A 30-year-old man was arrested on multiple charges following a fire investigation in Middlesex.

On July 16, authorities responded to Garand Hill Road when a homeowner discovered a fire in her garage in a secluded storage area.

After putting the fire out by herself, she called the Montpelier Fire Department to report the incident.

Following a very lengthy investigation including search warrants, non-testimonial orders for DNA and fingerprints, several interviews, and an arrangement for a polygraph, which the suspect failed to appear for, an arrest warrant was issued for Tyler Durfee.

Police say the $5,000 arrest warrant was for the charges of first-degree arson, false reports to law enforcement authorities, and setting fires.

Police located Durfee in Northfield and arrested him.

Durfee was taken to Washington County Criminal Court in Barre City where he appeared before a judge.

Police say the arson investigation involved the assistance of several officers from the Montpelier Police Department, Barre City Police Department, Troopers from Middlesex Barracks, and the Northfield Police Department.

Although the damage to the house was minimal, had the homeowner not discovered the fire in its initial stages, the damages would have been far worse.